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Dr. Kenya Windley is a board certified child psychiatrist who graduated from The Brody
School Of Medicine At East Carolina University. Despite receiving her undergraduate degree from UNC Chapel Hill (go Heels!) she completed her training at Duke University Medical Center, with a general psychiatry residency and a fellowship in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Dr. Windley is a North Carolina native, a mother, and an advocate for children’s mental health and wellness.

She is currently taking new patients, in person and via telehealth.

Why choose a pediatric specialist?

Did you know that the decision-making part of the brain (responsible for your child's ability to plan, think about the consequences of actions, solve problems, and control impulses) is not fully developed until the age of 25??

Children, especially teenagers, often make decisions and solve problems relying on emotions, impulses, aggression, and instinctive behavior.


Child and adolescent psychiatrists are fully trained in general psychiatry and then have at least 2 more years of training focused solely on psychiatric and developmental disorders arising in childhood and adolescence. These specialty psychiatrists are uniquely qualified to help you understand your child's developmental level and needs, to achieve better outcomes and peace of mind for the entire family unit. 

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