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The Carter Clinic is an outpatient mental health and addiction medicine clinic, founded by a clinician, researcher, and teacher of psychiatrists. The clinic’s vision is to foster an environment of affirmation, fairness, and respect, in order to promote the complete wellness and recovery of our patients.


We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services that includes therapy, medication management, peer support, and more. We continue to grow based on the needs of the patients we serve, and are always looking for new talent to participate in our mission.

The Carter Clinic currently operates in multiple outpatient locations across the state of North Carolina. We are also seeing patients at select locations in Mississippi and Maryland.

We offer in-office and remote work flexibility, along with full health and dental benefits, and a supportive team environment.

Please click on the links below to browse a few of our currently open positions,

or send a resume to:

Administrative Staff

Therapy & Counseling


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