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When you request an appointment with us, ask a question, set up an account with us, request information about our Company, communicate with us, visit one of our websites or social media accounts, or apply for employment with us, we collect data about you and your visit.


Data we collect directly from you or other sources

We may collect the following categories of data either directly from you or from our business partners or third parties and in accordance with applicable law:

  • Personal details (e.g., name, salutation, title, date of birth)

  • Contact details (e.g., email address, telephone number, mobile number, address, and emergency contact information)

  • Health details (e.g., past medical history, temperature readings, COVID-19 test results and vaccination records)

  • Details regarding your use of our websites and applications (e.g. geolocation information, details regarding your interaction with our websites, applications and emails we send, such as whether you opened an email we sent, which may permit us to recognize you across multiple devices, or to know if you  viewed certain content on our websites and applications)

  • Information available via public records and publicly available content on social media platforms

  • Details regarding your interactions with our team members and offices (e.g. email communications and recordings of your calls)

  • Employment application details (e.g., name, employment history, telephone number, address, email address, education history, reference details, military service, and immigration status)

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