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Our Multidisciplinary Team


  • Board Certified Psychiatrists

  • Licensed Therapists

  • Physician Associates and Nurse Practitioners

Each person encountered by our providers and will be treated with courtesy, fairness and respect. We seek to provide a place where the values of our providers and those we serve are considered relevant to assessment and treatment interventions within our recognized professional standards of care. Confidentiality is essential and mandated by health care laws.

Our Providers

We are committed to creating a practice where excellent care is provided to all we serve. Communication between the members of our team is an essential part of the services we provide. The founder of our organization was a clinician and academician. We strive to help keep our providers informed through continuing medical education and peer consultation groups. Teaching and training residents, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are also part of the vision for The Carter Clinic.

Psychiatric services team

  • Board Certified Psychiatrists

  • Physicians Specializing in Opiate Use Disorder Treatment

  • Nurse Practitioners & Physician Associates

Therapy services team

  • Licensed Behavioral Health and Addiction Therapists

  • Peer Support Specialists

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